Why Do You Text and Post? Why Are You a Fan Your Team? Why are You Religious?

http://TenSecondsToHappy.podbean.com/e/motivation-from-brain/ When we were growing up everything we experienced was molding and shaping our likes, dislikes, what we deemed pleasurable and not so pleasurable, for better or for worse. How that molding took place is one of the most amazing new understandings Neuroscience has revealed in the last 5 years. Neuroscientists have speculated, hypothesized, guessed, and debated for decades over why humans do what they do. But finally they are beginning to map it out and shine some light into this brilliant 3lb mass we call our brain. They know more about what motivates us, deflates us and scares us, then ever before. Today I am going to share some of this really cool stuff with you in the hope that you will find some answers to your own patterns of thought, behavior and overreactions. #humanbehavior #moods #motives #drives #happy #bragging #serotonin #dopamine #brainchemicals #neurons #oxytocin #neurotransmitters   Image


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