Our brains have never been wired for happiness unless it is a “big thing”. Instead they have been wired to look for every conceivable problem, real or imagined and send us panicing and worrying 24/7. But using the latest discoveries and insights from neuroscience we can train our brain to see good everywhere and dismiss many of they typical problems we over react to. I have parsed out techniques and the applications that anyone can learn in just a few seconds to feel better and in control of their emotions again. You can listen to podcasts on everything from emotions, neurochemicals, neuroscience neuropsychology and the differences between men and women that have baffled us forever. Get ready to have a lot of Aha! moments.

You need to understand your brain to be happy and now neuroscience points the way. Along those lines, I also create broadcasts that can enlighten many areas of our life and culture that neuroscience can now help explain. Get ready to be blown away.

The Brain Science Behind Depression, Anxiety, Anger and Most Mental Misery Part 1


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