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13 Things to Do to Find the Right One and Not Get Divorced

Find the Right Guy and Avoid Divorce
Listen to this podcast and In about 8 minutes I will give you the 13 things you must know if you want to find and marry the right guy and not become a divorce statistic. Use this information and they will increase your odds for marital bliss 10 fold.
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Is Serotonin Bad For Your Friendships

Listen to this quick 3 minute podcast how serotonin could be hurting your friends. Almost everyone knows that serotonin is a neurotransmitter required for a sense of well-being and a bright mood. Most antidepressants focus on a deficit of serotonin in the brain to alleviate depression. But for those of you who do not suffer from depression you might not give serotonin a second thought. But you should, because if you are like most people Serotonin is driving you to be better than others in every possible way. This upbeat, confident feeling serotonin gives you got wired in thousands of years ago to ensure your behavior would keep you safe and alive. And today humans still chase serotonin hits all day long. Are you a sore loser? A know it all? Do you like to brag or post on Facebook a great meal or your vacation spot? Chasing serotonin can have an adverse effect on your relationships when you start to ignore the feelings of others.
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What Does His Kiss Tell You? (A Lot More Than You Both Ever Knew)


Kissing. We can look forward it, dread it, crave it or just tolerate it right?

Did you know that the first kiss can determine the future of your relationship? How does a kiss determine if you go to second base or not?  This kiss, the kind written about in love songs for hundreds of years, can tell us everything we need to know, about how we are really feeling about another person and how genetically compatible they are for us.

The kiss is truly the litmus test for every relationship, because it is much more than two lips touching. It is like plugging into the central database of another persons brain.

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Why Do Some Men Seem To Ignore Your Feelings? It’s Their Brain Not Their Attitude
Listen and learn Neuroscience how explain why little boys and little girls will interact so differently. This can help you facilitate a better playground experience and help you discover more effective ways to discipline.

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Why Do You Text and Post? Why Are You a Fan Your Team? Why are You Religious?

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