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Are We Getting Spoiled?

So often at the onset of our day we start off getting annoyed if any of our modern convinces don’t function the way WE THINK THEY SHOULD. Not to mention our tendency to quickly dismiss these advancements. We complain when it takes an extra twenty seconds to send an e-mail. Twenty seconds to send our thoughts, which may or may not be of any importance to anyone but us, to the other side of the world! When I was growing up, it blew my mind to hear another voice on the other end of my new walkie-talkies that I got for Christmas. What about Facebook’s occasional changes? OMG, everyone starts flipping out as if it will stop the world as we know it, and the “I am leaving Facebook forever” chant begins. This program allows us to find in mere minutes a second grade crush! And for free! Our storming off is pretty much irrelevant to Facebook, yet our overinflated perception of our own influence is staggering!

How about an IPad or other tablet? I admit I have flipped out when it takes too long to get on YouTube. I’ve gotten indignant at how it is interrupting my workout on the stationary bike because I have no use for the twelve TV channels that the gym offers. It is all because I want what I want when I want it. And what I want is to be watching lectures from UCLA while I exercise!

Starting today, make sure a positive experience or modern marvel is never wasted again. Right now, look around and notice five things that are there for you in any way. These are your good facts. They may be from the past, present, or future. They could be people, surroundings, or technology, but either way these are things that can shift our perspective and thereby lift our mood.

The key is to find things to feel good about and never take another thing for granted.

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Teen Deaths from Texting While Driving (Brain Science Explains The Compulsion)


Researchers at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park estimate more than 3,000 families will bury their teenagers this year killed while texting and driving, plus 300,000 injuries. This beats drunk driving at 2700 deaths a year! Not to mention hundreds of accidents that don’t report texting as the cause. These are sobering heartbreaking numbers. Entirely preventable deaths. We take these risks, but what are we taking the risk for in the first place, what is the reward we are chasing? We have all asked that rhetorical question after we are in trouble ” How could I be so stupid!” Our bad choices seem ridiculous after the fact. Today we can look to science for some of those answers, and hopefully help kids understand their behavior so they can control it.
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