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13 Differences Between Men and Women You Need to Understand to Find the Right One

Today I will begin a brief series where I will give you the 13 things you must know if you want to find and marry the right person and not become a divorce statistic. Understanding this information can increase your odds for marital bliss 10 fold. I will be doing this from  female perspective but men will enjoy this peek “under the hood “ so to speak. Here are the first four.

Understanding number 1: A man and a woman have two different agendas as to why they pursue each other. A man’s brain tells him to make babies everywhere and a woman’s brain tells her to find a man who can help her raise and protect her family.  So understand if you are between ages 13-40 years old then right off the bat you two are NOT on the same page. Some of this changes after 40 for obvious reasons.

Understanding number 2: When a woman first lays eyes on a guy her  reptilian brain will scan him in the blink of an eye and evaluate if he is strong, healthy, and  looks like he can protect a family. The womans’ conscious mind will be scanning to see if he would be a good provider, smart, well-adjusted and financially secure.

Understanding number 3:

if he passes this first test your brain will release dopamine which is like cocaine to your brain and you’ll believe you are off to a good start.  And it would be, if you were living a thousand years ago.

Understanding number 4: Once he gets physically close to you, your brain will pick up his scent and determine whether or not his immune system is different enough from yours so that you would produce healthy babies. But all you will notice is feeling either, more attracted, less attracted or lukewarm.  Which is why after meeting a really good looking potential partner you may find yourself saying, “ I don’t know I am just not that attracted to him”

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